B.E.R. Assessment

What is a BER?

BER, or Building Energy Rating, is an objective scale to rate the energy performance of a building. A building can be rated anywhere from A1 to G, from most to least energy efficient. The scale itself is somewhat similar to that used on household electrical applicances such as fridges.

Why do I need BER certification?

If you wish to sell or lease a new home from 1st July 2008, you are required to provide a BER certificate. If you are buying or renting a new home, you may be entitled to a BER - be sure to ask the seller or landlord for it. Knowing your BER will give you an indication on how energy efficient the building is. With the rising cost of fuel, this knowledge is invaluable.

Who can provide me with a BER certificate?

BER certification must be carried out by a specially trained BER advisor. Dermot Gormanly is fully trained and registered with Sustainable Energy Ireland. He can provide you with certification and advise on measures you can take to improve your building.

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